This is a Large Glass of Santa Barbara Rosé

In a bottle, and designed for summer everywhere.



In a bottle, and designed for summer everywhere.

Tastes Like Strawberry, Rose Petal, and Rhubarb

A generous pour that's fresh and crisp. Old world style in a new form.

One Dozen Rosés is Always the Answer

The question itself is irrelevant. Share with friends or keep the case to yourself.

All About The Details

A dry, Provence-style rosé, built in CA with sustainably farmed fruit, minimal intervention, and zero additives.

100% Santa Barbara County.
6.3oz / 187ml per bottle.
2017 Vintage. 13.0% ABV.


12 x Bottles (Large Glasses) of Rosé

+ Limited Edition Drink Pool Float

+ Shipping Included

Our first rosé production is not large. In order to maintain quality and integrity with our farmers and vineyard workers, this first vintage is a limited release and is expected to sell out quickly.

All orders ship within 1-2 business days. We know you're thirsty.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy this right now?

Finally, yes! But this won't be available long. In order to maintain quality, this is a limited release for Summer 2018. Moral of the story, order while you can.

What is 100% Santa Barbara?

Technically, it means 100% of the grapes used to make the wine were grown in Santa Barbara. Though to us and the wines, it means so much more than that. Considered the Northern Boundary of Southern California, Santa Barbara produces beautiful... more wines worthy of mirroring the natural breathtaking beauty of the land. The Mediterranean climate translates to warm days and cool nights, perfect growing conditions to mimic the classic seaside weather of Provence. Made famous by the 2004 film Sideways for its cool climate approach to Burgundian grapes such as Pinot Noir (but definitely not Merlot), Santa Barbara has slowly but surely become a coveted area. Not only for its quaint oceanside retreats but also for its world-class biodynamic vineyards. These once forgotten rolling hills of vines planted by Missionaries in the late 18th century produce grapes that now command among the highest prices in California. And for the wines? Try for yourself.

What do you mean by 'large glass'?

We're talking a generous glass of wine, or as we like to call it a "home pour." Whereas in a restaurant or bar setting you see 3.5 - 5oz pours. Our glass clocks in over 6.3oz. Some might call that a glass and a half, but we'll just call it the new USUAL.


Customer Reviews

Based on 392 reviews
Don't know what Rhubarb is

But if that's a flavor in this wine, I want it! Excellent rose wine, and very fun bottles. I may or may not have taken it to the movie, and had an amazing experience. Good luck.

"Better than Whispering Angel"

I had this recommended by a friend, with those exact words. Didn't believe her. Ordered a case, and it is 100% true. Dry, this is a dry rosé, but perfect if you're a french rose lover. It's so so good. I didn't think I'd ever find a rose I loved this much!

Best bottles

It's so so nice to have the option for a glass of wine, without my husband sharing a bottle. I love it, and it just makes sense. The rose was crisp, and I actually had with pasta my first night.


So hard to find a decent natural wine, so thank you standard usual. This is just enjoyable, and I haven't had a headache after 10 bottles! Ordering my second case.


Exactly as advertised, beautiful domestic representation of a dry French rose'


12 x Bottles $96