3 red.
3 white.
+ a little gift.



*Due to high demand, limit 1 per customer



These Wines by the Glass Are Small Enough to Stash in Your Purse — and They're So Chic!

A standard intro.

Hi, we're STANDARD. We make small-lot wines reminiscent of California's heritage, but reborn in a new form. Here's the perfect way to really get to know us - 3x 2013 Standard Red and 3x 2014 Chardonnay (along with a little something extra).



*Due to high demand, limit 1 per customer

How much wine is in a glass?

Each glass of STANDARD gives you just over 6.3 oz. Don't know how much an oz. is? Don't worry your secret is safe with us, that's why we made this handy chart.



*Due to high demand, limit 1 per customer


- 3x STANDARD Red ($24)
- 3x STANDARD Chardonnay ($24)
- Shipping included ($10)
- 1x secret gift from us ($15)
(hint: you can wear it, #swag)
+ BONUS: Get a $10 Gift Card



*Due to high demand, limit 1 per customer

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Wine Reviews

Based on 420 reviews
Wow- What a find!

I loved the taste! Dry with a hint of strawberry and rhubarb.
First time buying without sampling first.
Great idea to bottle as as large pour so there is no waste.
I found the rose’ refreshingly delicious and will be placing another order.

no cans for me

I tried the cans but like nope these are way better thanks for the good wines and thanks for the good customer service when I changed addresses so cool thanks

Popular gift!

We do "White Elephant" for all family get togethers and dinners where anyone has to travel. I brought some of these bottles and most certainly WON WHITE ELEPHANT!! I actually ended up with some goofy headphones but like this was the best gift.


Ordered a case, drank one - gf drank them all. Ordered another case - mum drank EVERY ONE. On my third order and I'm not telling anyone... other than you guys, of course ;)

Provence rose' from CA

This is most similar to Miraval from Provence to any other wine I've seen. Fantastically dry. Also, maybe basic but LOVE THE FLOAT!

Beautiful bottle for a beautiful wine

All around fantastic, speedy delivery, very fun bottles and the wine just shines. You can tell someone spent a lot of time thinking about this wine. Can't wait to try the others.


Not worth the money. Rose is ok. Just a mediocre glass of wine!

Hi Pamela, we're SO sorry to hear this!! It's definitely more than a mediocre glass :) . In all seriousness though, we would love to connect on what you didn't enjoy/love. As a new company, we're constantly improving - email us at hello@standardwines.com? Cheers and thank you for the candid feedback.


fabulous wine and service

I liked the size of the bottles and the crisp, clean taste of the rose. I am anxious to try the others!

Proper Red Wine and Bottle

Serious red wine blend here. Big on fruit, age to provide structure, but very well balanced so it's not overwhelming like some of the silly CA cabs you see today. There's an elegant piece here that I can't put my finger on, but I really enjoy.

Chardonnay for a new age

I never thought I'd have a chardonnay this enjoyable. It's outside everything I would have guess, and incredibly tasty! So much lighter than I would have expected, but develops a great oaky richness when it warms in your glass too.

A very big glass of very good rose'

To be honest, I feel like I had two glasses from one bottle. Very good idea and the wine was quite impressive. Not sweet at all, but definite strawberry and flower petal notes. Perfect to have at the end of a hard day.

Delicious little treat

The Rose is crisp, refreshing and perfect for a summer day to relax and unwind. It’s the perfect size for those times when you’d like a glass of wine, but don’t want to open a bottle

Nice Change

Very glad I decided to try this wine. Light refreshing and all my guests loved it! The bottles are super adorable as well! Added plus!

Cutest and tastiest little Rosés!

These are not only adorable but deliciously drinkable. They also make the cutest gift!


Very good Rose. Happy with purchase but, unhappy with Fed Ex.

Best rose' of the year!!!!!

Found this on a top wines of the year list, bought immediately, just had my first glass this weekend and it did not disappoint. Never had SB county wines before, although I remember it from sideways the movie, very impressive. Crisp and dry like French wines I enjoy. I can see why it won.

Take my money

Fast shipping, wonderful product.

No extra sugar!!!

YES YES YES, why is everyone adding sugar to wines these days?! - especially rose; this was such a refreshing change, wonderful wonderful wine, incredible bottles. Love that it's natural and taste delicious.

Never received it

The POS system automatically entered my family home in Tampa, FL as the shipping address and I noticed as soon as I placed the order so I sent customer support an email immediately asking for the shipping address to be updated and be the same as this billing address in CA. I also called the winery and left a message. I did not hear back from anyone for 8 days and via email, they said it was illegal to change the address. Was it also illegal to call me back for over a week? This issue could have been easily resolved but no one bothered to help me. I’ve been a loyal customer in the past and now I have no intention on ever ordering your wine again.

Hi Veronica, I am SO sorry you had any trouble whatsoever. In truth, we're hyper small and so we don't actually have phone support - so I promise you we never received any messages :). That said, we are here to make it right. It looks like the wines were actually delivered successfully to the address though, so hopefully you get to enjoy them!
Finally Found My Rose’!

Just received my shipment and the verbiage on the box was fun and spirited! The wine is amazing! I’ve been looking for a dry, crisp and light Rose’ and this is it! I was going to share with friends, but now I may be selfish and keep them all for myself! The individual bottles are great as I try to keep my wine for the weekends.

Loving the Rose

The Santa Barbara Rose is very refreshing on a hot summer day. Also, this is the first wine I have been able to drink without getting a headache,due to the fact it is additive free. Thank you for making good quality wine.

Downright best rose' I've had this year

Can't believe it's not Provence, remarkably dry and crisp. I've never seen the bottles in stores but now I look everywhere and ordered twice already.


So so good, you guys seriously have to try this. I live in Santa Barbara and me and friends drink this all the time, it's so GOOD get some today! And the pool float is fun even just for a kiddie pool LOL~

Worth the price

Was concerned that its about the same price as my favorite in-store chard but it's just as good if not better very surprising and convenient we are trying to justify the subscription so we can save even more money !