3 red.
3 white.
+ a little gift.



*Due to high demand, limit 1 per customer



These Wines by the Glass Are Small Enough to Stash in Your Purse — and They're So Chic!

A standard intro.

Hi, we're STANDARD. We make small-lot wines reminiscent of California's heritage, but reborn in a new form. Here's the perfect way to really get to know us - 3x 2013 Standard Red and 3x 2014 Chardonnay (along with a little something extra).



*Due to high demand, limit 1 per customer

How much wine is in a glass?

Each glass of STANDARD gives you just over 6.3 oz. Don't know how much an oz. is? Don't worry your secret is safe with us, that's why we made this handy chart.



*Due to high demand, limit 1 per customer


- 3x STANDARD Red ($24)
- 3x STANDARD Chardonnay ($24)
- Shipping included ($10)
- 1x secret gift from us ($15)
(hint: you can wear it, #swag)
+ BONUS: Get a $10 Gift Card



*Due to high demand, limit 1 per customer

Wine Reviews

Based on 195 reviews
Perfect size and taste

I absolutely love the chardonnay bottles as they are the perfect size for one last late night drink after you get home or to start the night off before you go out.


I like it and want to buy more

Agree with everyone

The bottle is too cute and SO easy to grab after a long day at work. Great white wine to have a glass or two.

Thoughtful Red Blend

You can tell this is a well-made wine, even on the nose. The age gives a definite hint of dark chocolate which I love to see in my wines. There's not an overwhelming sense of terroir and earth though, so it's still easy to drink. The fruit is balanced and although the tasting notes state blueberry, I actually saw more red fruit in the glass itself. I had one glass immediately after opening and let another glass sit open for about an hour. It opens up tremendously too, but who has the patience for that.

Waste of money

I ordered the red wine. If you don’t like strong wine do not waste your money. I took two sips, and it was so gross I had to dump of out

Love the taste, and the size!

Standard is the perfect size for a quick after work glass or when eating alone. I love just grabbing a bottle and knowing it’s just the right amount. Taste is delicious too!

OMG Syrah

You seldom see a Syrah blend this well made outside Europe, and I freaking love it. Come on now, Syrah is the new red grape to know, goooooooo standardddddddd

Perfect size

This is such a good idea! Perfect size glass to have in the evening, and the wine is quite good. I haven't tried the red yet as I usually prefer white. When can I buy these in stores?

Charged me after I cancelled order

I cancelled my order and was told I would be refunded. I was never refunded and never received the product.

Hi Allison, thank you for the note. You have been refunded, and this can just take 3-5 days to return to your account. It's always a little tricky to cancel an order after the wines have shipped. I know this can be frustrating, but we are 100% here to help. I believe you are already in communication with our support team, but if there is anything at all we can do on top of this, please never hesitate to reach out at hello@standardwines.com. Thank you and cheers!
Gift to Friend

Delivered to friend in another state, she said they were really good! I’ll have to try for myself soon.

Tried in person at Vintners!!

Loved the white, just the perfect amount of oak, but very crisp and dry for a chardonnay. I'm not a red wine drinker, but we picked up 12 of these for the summer!

So tasty!!

The red wine had a ton of fruit on the nose, but balanced a wonderful mouth feel on the finish as well. Easily picked out the dark chocolate from the age too, very solid wine in a really fun bottle.


Love the concept but the Chardonnay is NOT good. Very very dry very bitter with a bitter aftert taste. Saving the bottles to use with a good wine!,

Hi Carolyn, thank you for the kind note on the format, and we are SO sorry you did not enjoy the Chardonnay! Would you please shoot us an email at hello@standardwines.com so we can make it right? To confirm however, we completely understand if the wine was not to you taste, but we want to ensure the wines weren't somehow compromised in transit/etc. The chardonnay is built in a more old world / Burgundian style, so it is not your traditional CA chard. Indeed, we purposely built this wine to be more acid forward. That said, wine is extremely personal, and we don't expect everyone to like everything. Hope you have a great rest of the day!
red was not good

I'm not picky (ie. I drink Bota Box) but this red wine was NOT good. I couldn't even finish and threw 4 bottles away. Expensive per glass and NOT a tasty wine.

Hi Nat, thank you for the candid feedback. We are a small (but quickly growing) company and it is always helpful to hear about a user's experience. First and foremost, we are SO sorry you did not enjoy the wines. To that end, would you please shoot us an email at hello@standardwines.com? We are here to make it right, and want to ensure everything was okay with the delivery. To be honest, we have received nothing but high praise for the wines themselves, and we have sourced from not only some of the most notable vineyards in Sonoma, but we are also working with two incredible wine makers. That said, we also know wine is very personal, and we don't expect this to meet everyone's taste. To that end, however, we do want to make sure the wine was not damaged somehow in transit. We will do everything we can to help make this right, but want to ensure there was not an external factor to consider. Thank you and hope you have a great day!

Great taste!

Best By the Glass

What led me to try this wine was the size. In my circle, I'm the only one who drinks red wine so I thought a by-the-glass bottle would be great and I hoped the taste was palatable. WOW!! now I buy it because of the Taste. It is smooth and fruity with hints of chocolate. It's my new fav. I will add some white on my next order as I'm sure the white wine lovers will also love the idea of one bottle one glass and good-bye waste.

Delicious Red!

Very pleased with the quality of the wine. The individual bottles are a hit, but they would not mean anything if the wine did not taste good.

Right amount of acid

You see far too much oak on American chardonnays these days, but this was a very enjoyable surprise. The acid is just perfect on the wine, and sings through with a bright, crisp finish that's too often lost. The bottles are indeed fun as well. I would like to buy a larger bottle though for my cellar.

A++ from a wine lover

My partner actually brought a few of these little bottles over on Saturday and we all fell in love with them! I have a 250 bottle wine cellar and a full wet bar in my home, but I just ordered a 24 pack because they were so easy to drink!! The wine isn't Petrus, of course, but the 2013 Red Blend was a joy to drink. Big fruit at the outset, but the age and terroir on the wine finished with a definite note of chocolate. We only paired with cheese, but we went through the entire lot! A new staple for the bar.


I purchased the six pack. All was delivered (to a business address) fine. The packaging was put together well as it was nearly bomb proof.
I took one of each type to a dinner party where we sampled prior to drinking anything else. The white seemed a bit flat, watery with a sweet finish. Only one of the seven tasters found it acceptable at all. I will open another bottle soon to confirm that it was really that bad.
The red performed better, everyone found it an acceptable, yet uninspiring, wine. I wouldn't pay more than $15 for a 750 ML bottle of it. We followed it up with a $25 table wine which blew it away.
White: No stars
Red: 2.5 stars
I really wanted to like this for the convenience for summer outings.
Regrettably, just not good enough for the price to re-buy.

Hi Gary, we are SO very sorry to hear this, but we very much appreciate the candid feedback. I will be honest, this is the first time we've received such thoughts about the quality of the wine, but we would love to dig into the details and see if there's anything we can do to help. Of course, all wines aren't for everyone, but we are confident in our wine makers and the wine itself, so want to make sure nothing was compromised while en route. We are always looking to improve and please don't hesitate to reach out if there's anything at all we can do.

Chardonnay is not my favorite wine, but this one isn't as buttery and oaky as most others I've had. I actually enjoy drinking it!

Very nice white wine

The bottle is fun and different, but we were very impressed by the white wine. I am not usually a chardonnay drinker, but this is so crisp and refreshing. Perfect amount of acid and oak.


Just tasted at a wine festival in San Fran and bought a 12 pack!! The red is so so so so good. Can't wait to have at the house.

You do not ship to ND.

Why don’t you ship to North Dakota? You don’t cover all of the United States???

Hi there, I know, we are SO sorry! Sadly, each State has its specific regulatory policy and North Dakota is one we're still working with at the moment. We are happy to email you as soon as it becomes available :).

Very nice full bodied blend. Good amount per serving. Will be ordering more!


Fast shipping. Wine tastes great!!! Definitely will order again... highly


I had had the luxury of trying the Chardonnay and the Red Blend. I must say my favorite is the red blend. This red totally caught me off guard. Standard did an exactly job on blending the dark chocolate like tannins. Can’t wait for the rose’ and other wines to come. I would love to see a white blend! Hint! Hint!

Awesome Wine!

My husband ordered this for me because he knows I really like red wine, but I don't drink it often enough to go through a whole bottle before it goes bad. I was wasting 3/4 of a bottle just to have an occasional glass. This red wine is amazing and the perfect serving size! It's one of the best reds I've ever had. We will definitely be ordering more!

New favorite white

Thought I hated chardonnay... well, still think I might, but I really really enjoyed this one, so I'm open to trying more. Can't wait to get the red!

Perfect size after a long day

More wine than I would pour, and I would say it's really 1.5 glasses, but boy does this red fix a crappy day at the office. Just enough to get me feeling nice and sleeping well. I can't wait to try the rose!!

Perfect amount of oak

I was scared to try this when my friend brought some to the house, I typically hate CA chard, it's always oak oak oak butter butter butter. This was a delightful surprise though, a little oak + mouth feel, but not overwhelming. Much more modern and crisp. The bottle is all kinds of cute too :0

LOVE the red wine

Bottle is so convenient to keep in the house and have a glass when I want. The wine is so much better than I thought it would be. Thank you and keep making more!


Loved your wine!

Very impressed!!

Love the bottle and love the wine! Chardonnay was delicious!! Already had many botttles and will be getting more for myself and to give out as gifts!

Standard’s Red wine

The single serving flasks are ingenious. The wine itself is very good. Each glass is a chance to enjoy the wine at its flavourful Best.

Great Wine

Liked the cute bottles to try - but loved the wine.

Best by the glass I've seen

I drink a glass of wine every other night during the week. My husband only drinks Tequila, so I never ever can share a bottle. I'm always looking for a new way to try and glass and thank you standard, you have finally done it! I have a coravin, which I love, but I still have to buy the wine and the cartridges are so expensive. 10 points to you for the chardonnay, on my third order already.

Very, very enjoyable red blend

Big and bold on fruit, but not overwhelming like your traditional California Cab. Definite taste of chocolate, likely from the oak/terroir. Syrah dominate, so a little nerdy, but pulls together in a very strong Sonoma Blend. Would love to see a Cab-based blend if you're thinking about grape expansion, but I will absolutely be back for more here when my 12 pack runs out!


Very surprised with how much I actually liked this chardonnay. You can tell it's a Russian River Chard on the nose, but balances nicely with a little oak to finish. The glass is clever as I typically like to only have 1-2 glasses in the evening.

6-pack = fridge pack

Seriously, I have never really had wine like this before. First, it's a really good red blend, and a decent chardonnay (I don't particularly drink white). Second, the bottles are so freaking cool and easy to drink/open/use. Wish I had thought of this, love it.

Standard Red
Love it!

Love the bottle and love the wine, both red and white, delicious!! Yes, we will order again for us and for gifts!

My weekday wine

The best way to enjoy a glass during the week. The chardonnay is incredible too, balances fruit and acid where I just want another glass! Healthy pour too, I'm always satisfied, even when paired with a pasta or seafood dish.

Big red in the glass

There is some depth to this wine. Bought it for the glass shape (very cool btw, and convenient), but leaving the review for the wine. It's hands down the best red I've had outside full-size bottles. Easily as good as the $30 bottles my wife buys and doesn't finish!

New favorite

red wine. the bottle size combined with very good sonoma wine makes this my new go to glass for the evenings. cant wait for the rose!

Such a good size!!

More than I though and such a good size for a glass on weeknights! Love the white wine too, easy to drink and just enough fruit and oak.

Tasty and Convenient

I like to keep these around so I don’t have to open a whole bottle. The wine is very good and the portion is perfect. Love the bottle.


Hi are these vegan? Thank you!

Hi Ella, thanks so much for the note! We can confirm that our white wine (Chardonnay) is vegan - so on that front you're good to go! The current vintage of our Red, however, can not be confirmed. We are keeping this in mind as we build our next wine SKUs though, so there will be more in the future! We're also available for any questions and feedback at hello@standardwines.com. Cheers!
Convenient and great flavor

We love the nose when you open these little bottles when we've just checked in to our resort after a long drive or flight and unpack before heading out on a great adventure.

Great product for someone who can never finish a whole bottle!

The wine itself is excellent, but the best part of this product is that you can have a single glass of wine without having to worry about not being able to finish the whole bottle before it goes bad! Genius idea and a true breakthrough in the market!!


The red wine is delicious!