3 red.
3 white.
+ a little gift.



*Due to high demand, limit 1 per customer



These Wines by the Glass Are Small Enough to Stash in Your Purse — and They're So Chic!

A standard intro.

Hi, we're STANDARD. We make small-lot wines reminiscent of California's heritage, but reborn in a new form. Here's the perfect way to really get to know us - 3x 2013 Standard Red and 3x 2014 Chardonnay (along with a little something extra).



*Due to high demand, limit 1 per customer

How much wine is in a glass?

Each glass of STANDARD gives you just over 6.3 oz. Don't know how much an oz. is? Don't worry your secret is safe with us, that's why we made this handy chart.



*Due to high demand, limit 1 per customer


- 3x STANDARD Red ($24)
- 3x STANDARD Chardonnay ($24)
- Shipping included ($10)
- 1x secret gift from us ($15)
(hint: you can wear it, #swag)
+ BONUS: Get a $10 Gift Card



*Due to high demand, limit 1 per customer

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Wine Reviews

Based on 713 reviews

USUAL is awonderful summer rose. Light, bright, delightful!


Very good...wish the bottles were bigger.

Best rosé

I'm so happy I decided to go for it and order. This wine is so great. Not sweet, perfect. worth it


I drink a lot of Chardonnay and I am not a fan of this. I do enjoy the rose’.

Don't know what Rhubarb is

But if that's a flavor in this wine, I want it! Excellent rose wine, and very fun bottles. I may or may not have taken it to the movie, and had an amazing experience. Good luck.

"Better than Whispering Angel"

I had this recommended by a friend, with those exact words. Didn't believe her. Ordered a case, and it is 100% true. Dry, this is a dry rosé, but perfect if you're a french rose lover. It's so so good. I didn't think I'd ever find a rose I loved this much!

Best bottles

It's so so nice to have the option for a glass of wine, without my husband sharing a bottle. I love it, and it just makes sense. The rose was crisp, and I actually had with pasta my first night.


So hard to find a decent natural wine, so thank you standard usual. This is just enjoyable, and I haven't had a headache after 10 bottles! Ordering my second case.


Exactly as advertised, beautiful domestic representation of a dry French rose'

Rose for my heart, white for my soul

I found this company through the rose, which I just LOVE. But I'm traditionally a white wine drinker. This is the best chardonnay I have ever had, no question. I actually wish it came in bigger bottles because I love it so much!! Although I don't need to have more than one per night, so it's perfect. Yes, Chuck, that's for you :)

New favorite

The by the glass option is amazing and the wine is even better. Buy this, stop reading.

Rose rather sour

I purchased the rose with high hopes that it would live up to the descriptions. It is not delicious. Not by a long stretch. 'Crisp' is an understatement. It is downright sour and hard to drink. Over ice it's slightly more tolerable, but for the $ this wine is far from what I had hoped for. Disappointed.

Not great

This wine is soooo dry, not sweet at all. The packaging is cute but otherwise I will not be drinking this. :( disappointed.

Chardonnay perfection in a unique glass

A perfect size pour and a great reusable carafe style bottle makes for easy reorders.


Delicious dry not too sweet rose.
Perfect amount for 1 glass. No waste
Love it. Bonus. The bottle is cool looking too

Not worth the money


I really like the wine but don’t think I can afford to buy it too often

Very Impressed

Bought because I saw the bottles at a party and though they were very cool. The wine was spectacular though, very good dry Chardonnay.

Excellent Sonoma Red Blend

Very representative of the region. Complex fruit, definite notes of chocolate, yet a surprising backbone which allowed me to pair with a steak very nicely. Love the smaller bottles because my partner does not drink red wine. She has white while I enjoy the big red!


Saw this just won an award for best rose of the year and I had to try. IT'S AMAZING!! This is a real french-style rose. Dry, yet fruity and crisp. Highly recommend. Also, the bottles are the cutest thing I've ever seen.


No crazy about it... a lil too dry

Sad but undrinkable

I love love Love the Rose and I don’t know if this wine turned due to heat while shipping or what but sadly, it is totally undrinkable. I love the concept though


I saw this brand in an article of the top 5 Rose wines for 2018. The list peaked my interest because their #2 was my favorite Rose (Whispering Angel). After seeing that, I knew I had to try what they listed as #1. I was not disappointed. It was very much to my liking (I don't like sweet Rose wine) and I especially like the small bottles. I don't think wine once opened tastes the same the next day, so if I open a big bottle, I'll drink it all, even if I only want one serving. These bottles allow me to have my version of a single serving. The only minus is that it is not sold in stores. Will definitely be purchasing again!


I love it so much, that this case was my second case. I have been promoting this on my blog through Insta story, and have had multiple people ask me where to get it! I will keep promoting it

The rose is amazing and so refreshing